Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gambling n Mathematics

Gambling and Maths

Mathematics i often thought to be dull and difficult, but a knowledge of one branch of it is necessary to gamblers. Indeed, nothing else more sorts out the serious gamblers from the mug punters. That branch is the one which deals with the theory of probabilities, and to the true gambler it can be fascinating. A knowledge of it will not guarantee a profit from betting, but it will cur out unnecessary losses.

The gambler needs to know about the calculation of odds, permutations and combinations, what constitutes a fair bet, how to spot the flaws in apparently impregnable system, and how to calculate the percentage against him arising from a casino's or bookmaker's need to make a profit.
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Most discussions of probability begin by looking at the possibilities which arise from tossing coins. It must be assumed, at the start, that if a coin is tossed fairly, the chances of it landing head or tail upper most are equal. This need not necessarily be true, as the two sides of the coin are different and a physicist might one day be able to show that any coin is fractionally more likely to land on one side than the other. However, for the purpose of argument we we must assume that heads and tails are even propositions.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beginning point of gamble on Racing

Beginning point of Horse Racing

After the Trojan war the Victorious Achilles arranged games as part of the funeral ceremony for his friend Patroclus, killed by Hector. The first event was a chariot race. Antilochus was given his riding instructions by the wise Nestor, who had perhaps walked the course in advance. However, Eumels, the Lester Pigot of the day, led in the first furlong, and his mares were going easily when divine intervention by Pallas Athene broke the yoke of his chariot and he fell. Idomeneus, an early bookmark, saw what had happened, even without binoculars, and quickly offered odds to Aias about Eumelus's prospects and these were accepted. Diomedes of the loud war cry won in a driving finish from Antilochus, who just pipped Menelaus for second place. Menelus promptly objected to Antilochus for crossing. The winners prize was a delightful woman received a mare in foal.

Men have matched horses for speed all over the world, and gambled on the result. It is interesting that this early race contained all the elements that have fascinated followers. The best horseman was robbed by dirty work on the part of the Gods. There was an argument over rough riding, and an objection. The winner got the girl and the booze. The loser was left to raise another horse to fight another day. And, last but not least, the crafty bookmaker cleaned up.

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Why did everybody play?

The Poker phenomenon came as a surprise to everybody in the gaming industry, both online and terrestrial. It just seemed to happen without much forward planning, and left many operators scrambling to get a poker product out there to appease a hungry tide of new players. At the recent Internation gaming Conference and Expo held in Costa Rica, one was asked to talk about what the next 'Poker' might be. The question started me thinking about the qualities of poker as a game, and about the events that created an environment where poker could flourish.

Unfortunately, no answer was definitive answer as to what the next poker would be, but the conferance was able to identify factors that 'the next big thing' would need to process if it were to emulate the success poker.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gambler and his motives.

Gambler and his motives

Gambling is a way of buying hope on credit. We are all the bonded salves of the management that issues the credit cards. To realize the completeness of our bondage we have only to remember that each of us owes his existence to the chancy colorization of two small fertile organisms; while an apparently chancy distribution of chromosomes, genes and hormones influences our sex, coloring, and deposition. We press on through life toward a death whose manner and date depend entirely on chance. During our womb-to-tomb progress we never stop gambling, for we cannot know the outcome of each of the many decisions we have to make every day; we can "hope for the best."

Even a man who sets out deliberately to free himself from the grip of chance is going to have a thin time. Her can stop smoking because of the risk of lung cancer; he can give up alcohol for fear of damaging his liver; he can stay indoors to avoid the hazards of travel; he can keep his money in an old sock to avoid the risk of losing it. But if he carries his apprehensions to logical conclusion he will atrophy in bed, while his risk-taking nephew grabs the sock, spends the money on riotous living, and dies happily at the age of 94. With chance, as with many things, there is little justice.

sensible people don't expect justice from chance. If they did, they would give up breeding children in a world that can't support them. They would not drink before driving or speed when sober; they would choose selfless leaders instead of maniacs. As it is, they propagate ad libitum, have a last drink for the road, and risk everything on the leadership of a Genghis Khan or a Hitler.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


The urge to gamble is something more than the desire to get something for nothing- there is an excitement about backing one's judgment or hunch, and then allowing either elation or desire to follow the spin of wheel or the fall of the cars, that is known both to the man who risks a few pence at rummy with friends and to 'The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo".

Egyptians and Greeks who gambled in early days with bones knew the same trepidation as latterday gamblers who risk their money in the plushest casinos. the problems, also were basically the same, since however flamboyant the circumstances, betting is largely a mathematical exercise in calculating odds and chances. Shrewdness is the greater part of luck.

'Purpose of Blog'

this blog looks at gambling as a world-wide phenomenon and examines the reasons why people gamble. next blog describes the arithmetic of gambling, since I believe that all gamblers should know exactly what their prospects are when making bet. this blog deals with the probabilities, odds, combination which bookmakers and casino proprietors deduct from bets.

this blog deal individually with the various forms of gambling: Texas holdem, roulette, craps, poker, horse-racing, football pools and the various minor diversions such as bingo, lotteries, chuck-a-luck, betting on sporting events, the numbers game, etc.

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